This WiFi router is a Black Friday steal. Experts say it’s a security risk.

This WiFi router is a Black Friday steal. Experts say it's a security risk.

When it comes to your electronics, price shouldn’t be the only consideration. 

The shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday is fast approaching, and bargain hunters have their eyes peeled for savings. However, a discount might not be the only thing on the menu for those unfortunate enough to purchase a WiFi router researchers say is riddled with dangerous backdoors. 

According to CyberNews, cybersecurity researchers identified a backdoor in the Walmart-exclusive Jetstream router. The researchers, James Clee and Roni Carta, along with CyberNews’ Mantas Sasnauskas, say the backdoor is actively being exploited and would allow an attacker to remotely control victims’ routers. What’s worse, researchers say the backdoor would also allow a hacker access to devices connected to the routers.  Read more…

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